FerroSilva is a growth-oriented Greentech company operating in rapidly growing markets for fossil-free sponge iron and biogenic raw materials.

We are currently funding our first factory to produce 50,000 tonnes per year of fossil-free sponge iron from 2027/2028 according to current time schedule, setting the template for future factories and technology 
licensing globally.

We only need 10% of the electrical energy required for fossil-free sponge iron from electrolysis-based hydrogen processes. Moreover, we deliver a fully carbonised sponge iron.

By building a process where most of the energy requirement is derived from biomass, we open the doors to a new industrial logic for sponge iron. And new geographical conditions.

Our energy-efficient production process is unique in the world – but is based on proven sub-processes that are available in full scale in other industries.

We work closely with leading companies in the steel and forestry industries, as well as biogenic carbon dioxide stakeholders.

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Karin Reuterskiöld, sustainability and investment issues.
Mail: karin.reuterskiold@ferrosilva.com

Göran Nyström, sales and marketing issues.
Mail: goran.nystrom@ferrosilva.com