OVAKO’s business is strongly linked to environmental applications with high performance speciality steel products that offer technical and environmental benefits throughout their life cycle. Anything that supports reduced CO2 emissions is in OVAKO’s interest, not least that which favours the increasing use of recycled steel. With the FerroSilva project,we see an excellent solution to the supply of clean iron raw material and thus the continued development towards ever higher levels of recycled steel in the world..”


“Sveaskog is Sweden’s largest forest owner and one of the country’s largest suppliers of wood raw material to the forest industry and energy sector. Using the climate-smart wood resource in a sustainable, resource-efficient and value-creating way is central to Sveaskog. In FerroSilva, Sveaskog finds an innovative process for using wood raw material and residual products from forestry in accordance with these premises and which also contributes to strengthening the speciality steel industry that is so important for Sweden.”


“Lantmännen is a partner in Sweden’s largest wood pellet company, Scandbio, which provides industry, municipalities and households with a climate-smart energy solution for heating and electricity production. Wood pellets are produced from sawdust from Sweden’s sawmills and are a residual product from timber production. Lantmännen has a strong sustainability agenda and supports the Swedish Parliament’s goal of climate neutrality by 2045. We see a great opportunity through the FerroSilva project to contribute to achieving the climate goals and at the same time strengthen the competitiveness of both the forestry industry and the steel industry.”


“At Uddeholm, we manufacture tool steel that moulds products that are everywhere in our everyday lives. We shape the world, and we shape it in a sustainable way for both people and the environment, today and for future generations. Uddeholm has been working with innovation, continuous improvement and development for over 350 years. With the FerroSilva project, we continue our innovation journey.”


“The FerroSilva project is an innovative solution that fits well with Sandvik’s goal of halving our CO2 emissions and developing business models for recycling and circularity.  Already today, Alleima has an average of 82% recycled material in our advanced stainless steels and special alloys. With the FerroSilva project, we see an excellent solution to further develop sustainability.”