With a passion for fossil-free steel

It all started with an idea, a competition proposal, a prize, increased self-confidence, a project proposal that won the approval of three steel companies, two forestry/agricultural companies, two of the world’s leading technical universities with experienced researchers and finally, the approval of the Swedish Energy Agency, which chosed to co-finance a feasibility study. Read more

The participating companies all have a deep commitment to climate and development issues, and the industrial benefits of FerroSilva were expressed when the consortium was formed. Read more

One of the companies in the consortium then saw the potential to secure a clean raw material in a way that was in line with its very high climate ambitions. Suddenly there was a location for a first plant on unused industrial land with the necessary infrastructure. Read more

FerroSilva’s management is today a team with decades of experience from leading positions in the Swedish and European steel industry, research and finance. Together we have started FerroSilva to revolutionise the steel industry and reduce the world’s climate emissions, something we are all passionate about. Read More